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Body of Work

Our mission is to re-imagine the methodology around planning, designing, constructing and occupying the spaces we live, work and play. Please click on some of our projects below to see details, or to register to receive more information about our developments.

British Columbia Retreat Concept

This one-of-a-kind retreat concept will offer customers a remote sanctuary experience like no other, featuring 40-60 high-end hotel rooms, top-end accommodations and fine dining options.

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Nanaimo Station

A large-scale land assembly in respect to single family. This site is kitty corner to the Nanaimo Train Station in East Vancouver and will garner mixed-use towers and podium.

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Chinook Village

The unique nature of Chinook Village project is evidenced by the contract structure with homeowners, size of development, sales strategy, and development plan executed by a privately led land corporation.

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